Grinding the profile of a custom design for a client. The steel is CPM 3V. Most grinding is not quite this dramatic. (I like the spark flying into my chest!)

About the Maker

My name is Doug Stice, and I am the owner of Stice Handmade Knives.

I made my first knives as a hobby about 20 years ago. Life was busy with a “9 to 5” job and three small children, so I put aside the grinder. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to start making knives again in 2009, and now work as a full-time maker.

I make knives using the stock removal method. My goal is to create knives that are a form of functional art. When I design a knife, I think about how the knife will be used, and then select appropriate materials to provide optimal performance.

I am continually experimenting with different techniques to get the most out of my selected materials. For example, most of my master bevels are hollow ground using an 18-inch diameter contact wheel. In my experience, this provides the best combination of strength, sharpness, and beauty.

For blade steel, I prefer CPM 154CM or CPM S35VN when a stainless steel is desired. I sometimes use CPM 3V for heavy use knives. I also use Damascus for some of my knives. For handles, I use synthetics (G10 and Micarta), natural woods (such as Desert Ironwood and Cocobolo), and Ito wrap over rayskin. All of my designs are available in three handle sizes — small (roughly S/M glove), medium (M/L glove), and large (L/XL glove) — to better fit your hand. This is part of my commitment to make a knife that YOU will enjoy owning and using.